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NOW HERE’S SOMETHING KINDA COOL… SAMUEL L. JACKSON wore what appears to be a customized AVENGERS mask when he went to get his COVID shot.  It look’s pretty cool.  If you follow him on twitter you can see it.


SPEAKING OF TWITTER…MARTHA STEWART posted a throwback video of herself telling the story of how she once went on a “sort of” dinner date with LARRY KING.


OH-OH…BROOKLYN BECKHAM may regret this tattoo someday.  It’s his fiancée’s eyes on the back of his neck . . . and underneath it is the text of a love letter she wrote him.


AND FINALLY, Some guy broke into the home of Brandon Lee. . . son of PAMELA ANDERSON and TOMMY LEE. . . so he chased him out with a golf club.  There is video out there of the incident, but it’s loaded full of profanity.