*Help wanted with driving and errands. Call and leave message if no answer. 334-0472

*L/F junk iron to haul off. Big dog for giveaway to good home, really a farm would be nice for room to roam and play. 325-794-6245

L/F scissor lift. 817-925-4656

L/F 10 inch table saw. 214-499-7906

*Chickens for sale. Different breeds, different sizes. 271-9762

*L/F baby goat creep feeder. SAS women’s shoes, 3 pair, never been worn and in the box, black in color, different styles. Avon watches. 631-8805

*L/F used electric fence supplies. L/F someone to cut up mesquite wood on approximately 300 acres on shares. Talk to David. 595-5492

L/F junk iron to haul off. 88 Chevy or GMC pickup parts for sale. 433-0157

*Square bales of coastal hay, about 15 bales. 500 gallon propane tank. 10 foot flatbed trailer. 653-2405

L/F icebox, small one. L/F gas stove. 246-9105

*LED lights, 7 of them, 4 foot long, high end, from a car dealership, $25/each. Saylite brand. Never been used. Brand new in the box. 631-9766

*L/F deer lease big enough for 3 people to hunt on. 432-978-3045