Lots of old bows, yellow and blue, big, red white and blue one of a kind. Old chest of drawers, metal and one wood, both real old. Bunch of stuff to get rid of. 893-2672

1946 Ford model Nine N tractor, 4 cylinder gas engine, smokes but runs great, real good tires on it. $1000. 488-1884

*Boat and trailer. Wooden bunk beds. Nice corner computer desk. 488-2081

*Fresh yard eggs, $2/dozen. 334-2005

Missing dog- black german shepherd, answers to Colt, wearing a blue collar, last seen at 2300 Beech Street in cisco. 631-2048

90 model chevy pickup, half ton, short narrow bed. 653-2170 or 433-3512

Black side by side fridge, 26 cubic feet, ice and water dispenser in the door. 631-5999

L/F 98 to 2002 tahoe or suburban. L/f 18-20 foot tandom axle bumper pool. 629-8259

Coastal hay, big round bales, heavily fertilized and irrigated. 706 international tractor with gasoline with a wd loader on the front of it. 442-3255, leave a message if no answer.

Electric clothes dryer, $50. Lots of plants for giveaway, have to be dug up from her garden. 488-2170

Mahogany or cherry wood sofa table, very nice piece of furniture, $200. Corner shelf maple unit, $15. 488-0142

Organ for giveaway, sitting out next to the street. 2 quad canes. 325-201-8432 in Cisco. On W.11th street

Buying sheep and goats. 631-6087

L/F baby playmat with the toy dangling above it. 243-0518

Dorm size fridge, $50. 488-0571

94 GMC suburban, needs front end assembly grill and radiator, very clean and runs well, $1200 obo. 50 gallon electric hot water heater, nearly new works great. 488-0082

*2000 Jeep, completely loaded, $2500. Pack and play and brand new stroller. 981-0431