Baby pot belly pigs for sale, males $50, females $75, one litter ready to go now and another ready right before Christmas. 631-1252

Free kittens and guitars for sale! 631-6472

Tripod deer blind, with zip over cover and doors. Jubilee tractor. Gasoline mud mixer. Gasoline cement mixer , small and large. Child’s car seat. 4 bedroom house in Eastland. 5th wheel hitch. Hay fork. Headache rack. Manger hay feeder. 325 gallon portable water tank. Truck tires, misc sizes. Double barrel lift boom. Filing cabinet. Bakers rack. 5 drawer chest. 42 cattle panels. 631-2981

*2 bed, 1 bath house in Eastland, fenced in backyard, storm cellar, garage, lots of big pecan trees, well insulated, nice house. $60,000. 361-806-3767

Dog found, red or orange terrier looking dog, probably a mix, don’t have room for her, looking for a good home. 442-2164

Oak and mesquite firewood for sale. 631-1785

L/F bunny hutch or a much bigger cage to buy or rebuild, text 433-9337

TX grown alfalfa hay. Coastal hay, heavily fertilized. Sudan hay 5×5 bales. Parts for 04 dodge pickup, receiver hitch, back tailights, booey bars. 9N ford tractor. 442-3255

L/F place to buy on Lake Leon, small waterfront lot, can have a small cabin. L/F little red wagon. 433-0183