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The cover for Def Leppard‘s breakthrough 1983 album, Pyromania, came about because their manager wanted to move away from typical hard-rock album art.

Peter Mensch of Def Leppard’s managers Q Prime met with their graphic designer to discuss creating the artwork. As the designer recalled on his website, Mensch said to him, “Def Leppard are different than your average heavy rock band – the sleeve needs to reflect that. We’ve all had enough of tattoos, terrible pictures of half-naked women riding motorbikes and fire-breathing monsters – it’s all too cliched now. We need something different – more modern”.

They already had the LP title, which was sort of an inside joke that popped up during the sessions. “Pyromania got titled Pyromania because a guy called Craig Thomson, who was an engineer on it, accused them of being pyromaniacs because we were having such a hard time getting our Marshall amplifiers to sound good on the album,” singer Joe Elliott recalled.