*Saltwater pump and regular pool pump, filtered, not very old. 647-1583

L/F scrap metal to haul off. 433-0157

*1968 Texas license plate, $15. White stovetop and matching white vent a hood in good condition, $100. 631-6472

Pyrenees puppy, female, 12 weeks. 210-1211

*Bachelor apartment at lake leon, $500/month $200 cleaning deposit, have dock privileges. 629-8277 or 540-661-2982

Pullets, about 3 weeks old, turkin and white banties, $1.50 each. Straight run on some bantams. 433-9636

275 55 20’s, two of those tires. Good recliner chair. 5th wheel hitch for an RV. 629-2001

L/F someone to mow and weedeat yard, leave a message. 210-2160

162 Karaoke CD’s, country and western, r and b, rock, $70. 488-1819