L/F pair of guard donkeys. 442-4646

Eden pure heater, in the cabinet, 110, multiple speeds, asking $100, with remote. Hoover upright carpet cleaning machine, accessories to do furniture, $65. 433-9904

78’ vinyl record. Antique bathroom sink. 325-455-4008

Yellow squash, organically grown. 631-0732

*1966 Fender Mustang guitar. Gibson ES 335 studio guitar, $1200 for either one. Fender hot rod deville, made in the usa, looks like new, $600.  631-6472

Like new, tan, 3 piece floor mats, tech brand, came out of a Ford 350. Fits a large SUV or pickup, $50. 631-1006

2007 Chevrolet Malibu

Yamaha golf cart, engine type, not electric. Old spurs. Lots of odds and ends. 433-1739

**City Wide Garage Sale, Cisco, Saturday  June 1st